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Body lotion

    • LOSHI – Loshi Moisture Skin Lotion Horse Oil 485ml


      使用指南 ● 避免存放在阳光直射、极热或极冷的地方。 ● 请勿在有伤口、肿胀、湿疹等部位使用。 ● 如果这与您的皮肤不符,或者您在使用过程中发现任何异常情况,如发红、肿胀、发痒和刺激,建议您咨询皮肤科医生。 ● 请放在儿童接触不到的地方。 ● 由于使用天然成分,颜色和气味可能会略有变化,但质量没有问题。 成分 水、DPG、矿物油、马油、山金车花提取物、圣约翰草花/叶/茎提取物、圣约翰草叶/马罗尼提取物、金缕梅叶提取物、葡萄叶提取物、优库宁提取物、卡波姆、苯酚玫瑰、对羟基苯甲酸甲酯, 氢氧化物 K, Stairesu 13, 山梨糖醇倍半油酸酯, BG user’s guidance ● Avoid storing in […]

    • THE GINZA HYBRID Day Protector SPF33•PA+++


      UV protection, natural primer before makeup
      New version of sunscreen essence before makeup
      Product information:
      Brand Name: THE GINZA SILVER
      Product Name: THE GINZA Ginza Primer Sunscreen Essence
      Product Specifications: 30G

      2022 Brand new upgrade
      THE GINZA responds to current UV rays,
      Effects of air pollution and mask life on skin
      Reduce skin irritation and adverse effects from changes in the external environment
      Take care of the physiology of the skin

      Comparison between the current version and the new version
      1. Appearance upgrade
      The appearance has changed from the cylindrical bottle body of the 1st edition to the simple square bottle that is the same as the skin care series.
      The edges and corners are more atmospheric and elegant.
      2. Efficacy upgrade
      The new version of the isolation SPF value has been increased from 1 to 30 of the old version to SPF33, which is used to repair skin damage.
      Contains hyaluronic acid to better protect the skin from UV damage
      3. Ingredient upgrade
      Added the same sensory complex ingredients and multi-plants as the new skin care line
      Extracts, including Chinese and Japanese geranium extracts help the skin to grow taller and better
      Dust particles in the air, as well as help the skin defend against external dust pollution and stimuli.
      Geranium extract and Oleaceae plant extract to prevent skin oxidation and YAN disease,
      Moisturizes the skin while applying makeup
      4. Skin feel upgrade The new version is more silky and easy to spread after the skin is isolated, just like the soufflé version’s soft touch and fit, better showing the skin’s moisture and luster.

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