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    • Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals Scar Reduction Gel (Extra)


      产品介绍 裸露是指在修复皮肤时皮肤组织异常生长的可能。 这表明红肿还存在。在非 含有三种有效成分的情况下,可在暴露后恢复恢复。 (1)肝素促进周转,促进皮肤正常再生。 (2)尿囊素修复受损的皮肤组织 (3)GK2 *镇静伤口后留下的炎症*酸二甘草钾 通过继续使用皮肤周转意识,它将逐渐对疤痕起作用。 如果药物偏离剂量方案,会导致严重的健康损害。使用前请务必小心阅读产品使用说明书,并坚持大量使用。即使是遵循并正确使用建议,也可能会出现标志。如果您遇到任何异常,请立即停止使用并并医生或药剂师师。 关于医药品的销售 ● 使用事项 您不做的事 ■ 你不坚守它,你现在的症状■会注意,更可能出现标志。) 1.以下 禁止使用人员(1) (血友病、中毒症、紫瞳等)的人 (2)(血友病、疾病、紫绀等 ) 2. 请勿用于以下 眼睛、眼睛等周围、周围(如口腔、鼻腔、皮肤等) ■■咨询■■ […]

    • POLA White Shot Inner Lock IXS N 180Tablets


      Evolved drinking white shot.
      A well-balanced combination of POLA original ingredient Myo MG extract, Microbrannol EX, Melon glisodin, Bayberry Burke S, YAC extract, etc. It is a beauty and health food that focuses on the transparency support from the inside of the body.

      Patent on compounding ingredients (Patent No. 6126064)

      * This product uses a web pamphlet. If you hold the camera over the QR code printed on the outer box of the product, you can view the raw material display and details of the product and usage on the WEB.

    • SVELTY Black Ginger Diet Supplement 150 tablets


      -含超級黑色抗氧成分,瘦身同時美肌,有助回復年輕狀態。 -臨床實證有助提升7.1%代謝率、幫助減少16%內臟脂肪,雙效鼓勵基礎代謝率,促進體內脂肪燃燒,打擊中央肥胖,打造曲綫迷人體態。 -適合人群:皮下脂肪較多、缺少運動、 基礎代謝較慢和經常外出進食人士。

      -Contains super black antioxidant ingredients, slimming and beautifying skin at the same time, helping to restore youthful state. -Clinical evidence can help increase the metabolic rate by 7.1% and help reduce visceral fat by 16%. The double effect encourages the basal metabolic rate, promotes the burning of body fat, combats central obesity, and creates a curvaceous body. -Suitable for people: people with more subcutaneous fat, lack of exercise, slow basal metabolism and frequent eating out.

    • SVELTY Smart Bacteria Probiotic Diet Supplement 120 tablets



      It is a supplement containing Bifidobacterium “B3” selected from hundreds of strains.

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