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My Beauty Diary ALL-IN-ONE Face Mask Set 23ML x 5 Pcs

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1. 从袋子里取出面膜,敷在脸上。撕下白色塑料片。
2到10分钟后取下面膜。* 如果您有空余时间,请将其放置 20 至 30 分钟以滋润肌肤。
3、如果脸上有残留的美容精华,用指尖轻轻按摩,让它融入其中。* 无需用水清洗。

After washing your face in advance, condition your skin with lotion.
1. Take the mask out of the bag and apply it to the face. Tear off the white plastic sheet.
Remove the mask after 2 to 10 minutes. * If you have time to spare, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes to moisturise your skin.
3. If there is residual beauty essence on the face, gently massage with fingertips to let it blend into it. * No need to wash with water.
After mask treatment, use lotion or cream for regular care.

13 in stock

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・ 黑珍珠面膜 x 2
・ 白珍珠面膜 x 1
・ 樱花面膜 x 1
・ 墨西哥仙人掌面膜 x 1

可以尝试 My Beauty Diary 的各种口味,还可以额外获得 1 套。
我的美丽日记包含 2 颗最受欢迎的黑珍珠。
推荐给 My Beauty Diary 的初学者。

[Set Contents]
・ Black Pearl Mask x 2
・ White Pearl Mask x 1
・ Sakura Mask x 1
・ Mexican Cactus Mask x 1

Try My Beauty Diary’s various flavors and get 1 extra set.
The much-discussed Mexican cactus mask and cherry blossom mask are reproduced.
My Beauty Diary contains 2 of the most popular black pearls.
Recommended for beginners in My Beauty Diary.


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