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AMINO MASON Whip Cream Shampoo Refill – Moist

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A range of “Deep Moisture” range of care products, moisturizing. It features <new super acid distribution (moisturizing) emollient> Japan <rich moisturizing essence natural ingredients & milk cream blend>. Moisture absorption, penetration, hair removal, hair removal. Moisturizing hair mask after shampoo, moisturizing effect and immediate development. In addition, Japanese beef ingredients are mixed with almond oil, avocado oil, honey, etc. Fragrant white rose fragrance.

Out of stock

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● 注意:皮肤总是正确的或拒绝的。本皮肤外观不当,立即或少情绪,使用中止请求。讲皮肤科的使用、可能使用的症状、皮肤科、皮肤科、医疗等。(1) 使用过程中,出现皮肤、痒、痒、刺激等异常情况。 (2) 使用后,皮肤直接暴露在光线下。● 进入时立即清洗请求。● 不必要的释放 高温、低温、阳光直射和婴幼儿可触摸局部保存。商业包装设计、生产区域、状态等都是可能的。Wakayu及以上,奖学金,奖学金和奖学金。

● NOTE: Skins are always correct or rejected. Improper appearance of this skin, immediate or less emotional, use discontinuation request. Talk about the use of dermatology, symptoms of possible use, dermatology, dermatology, medical treatment, etc. (1) During use, abnormal conditions such as skin, itching, itching, and irritation occur. (2) After use, the skin is directly exposed to light. ● Immediate cleaning request upon entry. ● Unnecessary release High temperature, low temperature, direct sunlight and infants and young children can be stored locally. Commercial packaging design, production area, status, etc. are all possible. Wakayu and above, scholarships, scholarships and scholarships.

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