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ASHIRIRA Foot Relax Sheet – Mugwort by Ashirira

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● 将天然树胶纸的印刷面贴在固定胶纸的表面上。

● 将足贴贴在脚底并固定好。 

● 在睡觉前贴足贴更有效。


【Product Description】
Friends who have worked hard for a day, put on foot stickers at night and wake up refreshed in the morning!

Take care of those whose feet suffer from long hours of work. Stick the pads on the soles of your feet and you can have a beautiful morning. Those who care about skin health say it contains wormwood that is good for dry skin.


● Affix the printed side of the natural gum paper to the surface of the fixed adhesive paper.

● Affix the foot patch to the sole of the foot and fix it.

● It is more effective to apply the foot patch before going to bed.

Ingredients Dextrin, Bamboo Juice, Houttuynia Leaf Powder, Leaf Powder, Shell Leaf Grass, Wormwood C, Wormwood.


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