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ASTIGU [Heat] Soft fever tights 180D(Black) M~L (150〜165cm)

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180 旦的奢华温暖。

Soft cold protection leggings.
Luxurious warmth in 180 denier.
To soft and matte warm legs.
Light heat generation, moisture absorption heat generation, double-layer knitting triple cold protection. Comes with an original back label that lets you know “I want to wear it today” at a glance.

Out of stock

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[Heat] 180 旦奢华保暖。到柔软和哑光的温暖双腿。
○ 双层透气层,双层针织保暖。
○ 使用“光发热<LASER HEAT(R)>”更舒适。吸收太阳光并将其转化为热能的“光生热”过程,使整个腿部迅速变暖。这是一个很好的功能,适合在寒冷的日子外出,例如上班或上学。
○ “HEAT LAST (R)>”表示纤维从身体吸收水分并产生热能。

・ 180旦尼尔
・出色的吸湿排湿性 用力抑制闷气
・ 原创背标让您一眼就能看出“我今天要来”

<Product introduction>
[Heat] 180 denier for luxurious warmth. To soft and matte warm legs.
≪Triple cold protection is only for Astig. ≫
Two-layer structure with different threads on the front and back, threads with high heat generation effect on the side in contact with the skin, so that the legs can withstand winter all day long.
It fits softly and softly while covering the legs densely.
○ Double breathable layer, double knitted to keep warm.
○ It is more comfortable to use “Light Heat <LASER HEAT(R)>”. The process of ‘photothermal’, which absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat, rapidly warms the entire leg. It’s a great feature for going out on cold days, like going to work or school.
○ “HEAT LAST (R)>” means the fiber absorbs water from the body and generates heat.

It’s warm and smooth.
・ 180 denier
・”All-through(R)” & “Bare toes” do not switch from thigh to toe
・”Diamachi(R)” which is easy to walk ・
“Anti-static treatment” that prevents clothes from sticking
・Excellent moisture absorption and dehumidification to suppress stuffiness
・ The original back label lets you see “I’m coming today” at a glance


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