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ASTIGU Warm Sense Silk Stockings 110D (Black) M ~ L

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A refined expression created by the slender differences and the smooth texture of the special lines.
Beautiful and warm plain leggings that can be worn or left loose.

7 in stock

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○ 双层透气层,双层针织保暖。
○ 使用“光发热(LASER HEAT (R))”更舒适。吸收太阳光并将其转化为热能的“光生热”过程,使整个腿部迅速变暖。这是一个很好的功能,适合在寒冷的日子外出,例如上班或上学。
○发出的远红外线 温和地温暖身体的“远红外线效果”
・“All through (R)”和“裸脚趾”不会从大腿切换到脚趾
・易于行走的“Diamachi (R)”
・ 抑制紧贴皮肤的服装“防静电处理”-

<Product introduction>
[Warm] 110 denier, densely clothed. Wraps your skin softly and keeps your legs clean.
The two layers of fabric that store the heating and the three warmth of the light heating and infrared effect make it fluffy and warm.
Soft virgin fibers with excellent elasticity and a perfect fit on the legs.
○ Double breathable layer, double knitted to keep warm.
○ It is more comfortable to use “LASER HEAT (R)”. The process of ‘photothermal’, which absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat, rapidly warms the entire leg. It’s a great feature for going out on cold days, like going to work or school.
○Emitting far-infrared rays “Far-infrared effect” that gently warms the body
・110 denier
・“All through (R)” and “Bare toes” do not switch from thigh to toe
・Easy to walk “Diamachi (R)”
・ “Antistatic treatment” to suppress clothing that is close to the skin-
“Ceremonial Deodorant” that maintains the deodorizing effect even after washing – with
Original back marking “I want to wear it today” that can be seen at a glance


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