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ATSUGI 110D Heating Stockings Black M-L 2 pairs

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哑光深度美丽。 强调了哑光线条,使您的脚部更加精致。
●樱花提取物 保湿成分配方
●W发热的温暖。 “光发热加工”+通过放射的远红外线将身体转化为热能。
●令人放心的日本制造”MADE IN JAPAN”

The matte depth is beautiful. Matte lines are accentuated, making your feet more refined.
●110 denier leggings
●Sakura Extract Moisturizing ingredient formula
●W heats up the warmth. “Photothermal processing” + converts the body into heat energy by emitting far infrared rays.
Not easy to pilling
●Perfect fit for the buttocks…fits the hip curve, not easy to shift and comfortable
●Indoor drying countermeasures…It is not easy to produce peculiar smell even if it is dried indoors.
Antibacterial and deodorant processing, keep it clean at any time.
●Deodorant…Etiquette cleaning and deodorizing
Anti-static processing: clothes are not easy to absorb
●With markings on the back…Because the front and back can be distinguished, it is convenient to wear.
The toes are not thickened.
●”MADE IN JAPAN” made in Japan that is reassuring

1 in stock

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制造商: 厚木

· 功能:发热
· 丹尼尔:110 旦
· 高度(厘米):150-165 厘米
· 洗涤指示:· 液体温度限制在 30 ℃,可以在洗衣机中非常弱地处理· 氧漂白剂 可以使用,但禁止使用氯漂白剂。 ・禁止滚筒干燥。 ・阴凉干燥。 ・禁止熨烫。 ・禁止干洗。 ・可以湿洗,操作非常弱。 ・使用洗涤网。 ・有水洗
-材质:尼龙,聚氨酯 –
尺码:M-L –
颜色:黑色 –
颜色:黑色 –
性别:女士 –
臀围:85-98厘米 –

Manufacturer: Atsugi

Product Specifications:
· Function: heat
Daniel: 110 denier
· Height (cm): 150-165 cm
· Washing instructions: · The liquid temperature is limited to 30°C and can be handled very weakly in the washing machine · Oxygen bleach can be used, but chlorine bleach is prohibited. ・Do not tumble dry. ・Cool and dry. ・Ironing is prohibited. ・Dry cleaning is prohibited. ・Wet cleaning is possible, and the operation is very weak. ・Use a washing net. ・There is washing in water
-Material: Nylon, Polyurethane –
Size: M-L-
Colour: Black –
Colour: Black –
Gender: Lady –
Hips: 85-98 cm –
Color Group: Black-


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