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Beauty World Natural Eye Tape

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・请勿用力拉拽,或增加负担。 可能会损坏。
・请勿给 7 岁以下儿童。
・开封或使用时请注意不要进入眼睛和嘴里。 万一出现眼睛或口中或使用过程中出现异常的情况,请停止使用,立即咨询医生。


Transform into double eyelid, naturally not easy to fall off.

・Do not use for other purposes.
・People with abnormal skin, allergic constitution, and sensitive skin should not use.
・Please note that the container may be damaged due to dropping or impact.
・Be sure to use it in a ventilated place.
・Do not pull hard or increase the burden. may be damaged.
・Discoloration, fading or deterioration may occur depending on the conditions of use.
・Do not give to children under 7 years old.
・Please never lick it or put it in your mouth.
・Be careful not to get into eyes and mouth when opening or using. In case of abnormality in eyes or mouth or during use, please stop using and consult a doctor immediately.
・If you feel irritation in your eyes and throat and feel bad, move to fresh air immediately and consult a doctor as needed. Due to your constitution, you may get a rash. If you get a rash, please stop using it immediately. If itching or inflammation occurs, seek medical advice.


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