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Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks #04 Strawberry Fleur

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15 in stock

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● 像裸露的皮肤一样有润滑感,可爱又快乐。
● 幸福的肖像像清洁华美的一样可爱地绽放。
● 是粉状的,不会像粉一样的粉状,有乳霜级的透明性,柔软贴合皮肤,融合!!
● 透明的外表一种可爱萌的印象。
● 含柔焦粉!
● 含有防崩粉!长期保持美丽的颜色!
● 呵护美丽肌肤,让你脸蛋幸福

●含有植物成分萃取物(保湿成分)迷香菊叶萃取、玫瑰果油、石榴花萃取物、大马士革玫瑰花油萃取物、Neubara 水果提取物


1. 用刷子将两颊以打方式混合,然后将它们的脸脸圈上。最后,在脸颊的高处涂抹闪耀的发光粉。

● As smooth as bare skin, cute and happy.
● Portraits of happiness bloom as lovely as clean and beautiful.
● It is powdery, not powdery like powder, has cream-level transparency, softly fits the skin, and fuses! !
● Transparent appearance gives a cute and cute impression.
● Contains soft focus powder!
● Contains anti-collapse powder! Long-lasting beautiful color!
● Care for beautiful skin and make your face happy
●Powder protein, hyaluronic acid, four kinds of fruits and fruit powder containing beauty nutrients

●Contains botanical ingredient extracts (moisturizing ingredients) fenugreek leaf extract, rosehip oil, pomegranate flower extract, damask rose oil extract, Neubara fruit extract
●Mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants, absorbents, fragrances, pearl powder!


Distearyl Malate, Dimethyl Methanol Iso, (HDI/Trimethyl Hexyl Lactone) Cross-linked Polymer, Zinc Stearyl, Acetone, Phenoxy Alcohol, Paraben, Affection, Affection, Moisture, Ginkgo, Pectin, Damascus Rose Oil, Hyaluronic Lining, Rosehip Oil, Nerve Fruit Extract, Pomegranate Flower Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Calcium Granule Protein, ( +/-) talc, mica, synthetic phlogopite oxide, titanium, iron oxide, red 226, red 202, tin oxide.

【How to use】
1. Use the brush to blend the cheeks in a stroke, then circle them around the face. Finally, apply a shimmering luminous powder on the high points of the cheeks.
2. Use the brush to blend and swirl the cheeks and the whole luminous powder, then put it on the cheeks for more sheer and shimmer.


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