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CANMAKE shading powder #04 Ice Gray Brown

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Matte textured shading powder without glitter and pearls.

13 in stock

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● 哑光使用您的面膜和遮光罩子。
● 仿佛看起来像粉霜,看起来轻盈的立体效果
。 ●化妆品




● Matte use your mask and hood.
● As if it looks like a powder cream, it looks like a light three-dimensional effect
. ●Cosmetics
moisturizing ingredients
● Recommended color for blue people.

<Stearic Dihydrogenate>
Malic acid, distearyl/applestearyl/stearate tetraol dilauric acid, cinnamon oil (cereal) butyl benzoate, BG, beer extract, pineapple fruit extract water, lemon tree extract , Fir Tree Extract, Rosemary Extract, Pellet Extract, Pueraria Root Extract, Reed Leaf Extract, Talc Powder, Synthetic Fluorocarbon Powder, Graphite Mica, Nickel Base-1, Iron Base, Titanium Oxide, Silicone Oil, All silicone oil, silicone oil, aluminum silicon powder, two silicon powder, two silicon powder, military city

<How to use>
Put the pen down and quickly draw where you want the brush

・Please check your skin carefully for any abnormality.
If it doesn’t fit your skin, do not use before use.
·This product prevents the contact of children
place. · Place where the temperature is extremely high or low or pay attention to direct sunlight.
・For details, see Product Matters.


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