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CANMAKE Transparent Finish Powder #PL(Pearl Lavender)

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个性、云母甲丙肉桂酸己酯、钛、合成氟树脂、氟乙烯、gunjo(二甲基硅油/聚等二甲基硅油油)交联聚合物、脂酸镁、橡胶、二甲基硅硅油、二甲基硅硅油、异脂酸酸酸酯、二甲硅硅油、角鲨片、对年老硬甲酸硬、亲亲自己聚合油、己酸酸油、氢气、橡胶原油、甲基硅油、六(羟基硬脂酸/硬脂/龙豆豆)酸二季戊四醇、异异硬酸酸酸麻油、氧化锡、(氩松香/二异硬脂酸)甘油、BG 水水、葡萄籽油、橄榄果油、氧化铁、芦荟叶提取物、橄榄油、椰子油、迷甘迭叶提取物、洋菊花提取物物,柠檬果提取物,镜头,紫苏叶提取物。



Contains blendable moisturizing pearls and dullness-removing clear pearls.
Can create completely transparent skin with pearly charm.
Pressed powder for base and application.


Personality, mica hexyl methacrylate, titanium, synthetic fluororesin, vinyl fluoride, gunjo (dimethicone/polydimethylsiloxane oil) cross-linked polymer, magnesium fatty acid, rubber, dimethicone , Dimethicone, Isoleic acid ester, Dimethicone, Squalia flakes, Hard for old stearic acid, Self-polymerizing oil, Caproic acid oil, Hydrogen, Crude rubber, Methyl silicone oil, Dipentaerythritol Hexa(Hydroxystearic/Stearic/Long Bean) Acid, Sesame Oil Isostearic Acid, Tin Oxide, (Argon Rosin/Diisostearic Acid) Glycerin, BG Water, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Iron Oxide, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosewood Leaf Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Lens, Perilla Leaf Extract.

●The order of use: skin care → foundation before makeup (liquid/cream recommended) → after
●After applying the lotion to the skin, first use the puff to puff sensitive and absorb impurities.
●Natural makeup, can be applied immediately after primer.

【Complete the first-order UP】
●When retouching makeup, first wipe off excess sebum on the skin with a degreaser or tissue, and then apply this product to make it less prone to collapse.
●For the nose, fold the puff in half and pat to prevent uncovered areas.


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