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#CHOUCHOU 1Day 10Pcs(Baby Blue)-7.00

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ChouChou 1 Day系列有2种着色直径,分别为13.2mm13.3mm,镜片直径为14.2mm,而设计上分成渐层点状及放射形冰感的2种效果,有自然放大眼睛的效果,非常适合上班一族。

The ChouChou 1 Day series has two coloring diameters, ranging from 13.2mm to 13.3mm, and the lens diameter is 14.2mm, and the design is divided into two effects of gradual point and radial ice, which has the effect of naturally enlarging the eyes, very Suitable for working people.

1 in stock

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医疗器材承认号码Medical equipment approval number 22600BZX00102000
品牌Brand #CHOUCHOU(チュチュ)
品牌代言人Brand ambassador Carina Hinata(日向カリーナ)
配戴期间/内容量Wearing period/content 1day/1盒10片装
含水率Moisture content 38.0%
镜片直径(DIA)Lens Diameter 14.2mm
着色直径Coloring diameter 13.2mm/ 13.3mm
基弧(BC)Base 8.8mm
度数Degree ±0.00~ -8.00
销售商Seller Lcode
制造销售商Manufacturer Sellers El Dorado



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