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COW Brand Blue Box Beauty Soap

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Warm soft foam. Refreshing finish. Jasmine-like aroma.
Contains milk ingredients (milk fat). Warm soft foam. Refreshing finish. Jasmine-like aroma.

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化妆品类 是的 生产国(最终加工现场) 日本
香味 茉莉花般的香味 内部容量 1片85克
品牌 彩妆香皂品牌蓝盒A1 药事分类 化妆品类
形状 固体肥皂 成分 石材,香料,乳脂(牛奶),水,硬脂酸,氧化钛,EDTA-4Na
厂商名称 牛奶皂京新社 JAN代码 4901525117036
评论 卖出后,我们不接受退货。对于退货,请务必在申请前查看使用指南“退货/换货”。如果您的皮肤有异常或不适合您的皮肤,请不要使用。



【Product Specifications】
A country of origin: Japan
Fragrance: Jasmine-like fragrance
Internal capacity: 1 piece 85g
Shape: solid soap
Ingredients: Stone, Fragrance, Buttermilk (Milk), Water, Stearic Acid, Titanium Oxide, EDTA-4Na

Once sold, we do not accept returns. For returns, be sure to review the User Guide “Returns/Exchanges” before applying. Do not use if your skin is unusual or not suitable for your skin.

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