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D-UP Japan Curl Keeper mascara WP waterproof Curl lock black (2 PACK)

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13 in stock

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○ 超强防水
○ 漂亮根根分明的睫毛
○ 含有美容精华成分*
* 水解透明质酸、泛醇、仙武里提取物、裂纹提取物、水解蚕丝、人参根提取物、山金车花提取物、银杏叶提取物、琵琶叶提取物、纽扣提取物(保湿成分)
○ 一整天保持卷曲!
○ 瞬间锁住睫毛夹翘起的睫毛

○ Super waterproof
Strongly blocks moisture, sweat and sebum! Super waterproof that does not ooze out even when rubbed.
○ Beautifully defined eyelashes
Separates securely without turning into clumps. For long lashes with beautiful ends.
○ Contains beauty essence ingredients*
Take care of your eyes while applying makeup with 10 beauty essence ingredients.
* Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, panthenol, senburi extract, crack extract, hydrolyzed silk, ginseng root extract, arnica flower extract, ginkgo biloba extract, biloba leaf extract, button extract (moisturizing ingredients )
○ Stays curled all day long!
○ Instantly lock the curled lashes with the eyelash curler
Contains shape memory wax to keep lashes curled. Since it dries quickly, the curl is held firmly.


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