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DUP Eyelash Glue Super Holds Fit 501n Adhesion up 5ml

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Out of stock

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・ 对橡胶乳胶过敏者请勿使用。

・ 皮肤有异常时请勿使用。



· 请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。


・ 如果粘合剂进入您的眼睛,请立即用流水冲洗眼睛并就医。

・ 使用后,请拧紧瓶盖并保存。


・ 存放在湿度低的地方,避免阳光直射的地方和高温或低温的地方。

● 胶水可卸干净,不易给假睫毛造成负担!

● 假睫毛可反复使用!

● 弹性贴合贴合肌肤

● 细刷型,易于涂抹!

● 透明橡胶型

Latex (61%), water (30%), acrylic resin (8%), organic solvent (1%), ethanol

【Product description】
・Do not use if you are allergic to rubber latex.
・ Do not use if skin is abnormal.
・If you have allergies or sensitive skin, do a patch test on the inside of your upper arm before use.
・If you notice any abnormality in your skin, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist.
・Please keep this product out of the reach of children.
・Do not apply directly to eyes.
・ If the adhesive gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes with running water and seek medical attention immediately.
・ After use, please tighten the cap and save.
・Do not use for any method or purpose other than the usage method.
・ Store in a place with low humidity, avoid direct sunlight and places with high or low temperature.
● The glue can be removed cleanly, and it is not easy to burden the false eyelashes!
● False eyelashes can be used repeatedly!
● Elastic fit to fit the skin!
● Thin brush type, easy to apply!
● Transparent rubber type!


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