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D-UP LASH Me by Chihiro Kondo Makeup Eyelash Kit (2 pairs) #03 RICH

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Out of stock

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2种假睫毛,可以转换,过瘾。 ”


“Chope”Chopi“Chihiro Kondo 挑战假睫毛。

· 请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。

· 如果不适合您的皮肤或过敏,请停止使用。
· 不要将假睫毛放在眼睛里或眼睛附近剪,因为这很危险。
· 请勿用于其他用途。
· 如果粘合剂进入您的眼睛,请立即用流水彻底清洗眼睛并就医。
· 请勿存放在高温多湿或阳光直射的地方。
· 假睫毛娇嫩。从中间支架(托盘)剥离时,请用镊子(镊子等)轻轻小心地将其剥离。

【product description】
2 kinds of false eyelashes, can be converted, enjoyable. ”


“Chope” Chopi” Chihiro Kondo challenges false eyelashes.

Use 0.05mm super rubbing hair details, which are closely integrated with your own eyelashes, giving a natural and clean impression.
【Precautions for use】
· Keep this product out of the reach of children.

· Discontinue use if it does not suit your skin or allergies.
· Do not clip false eyelashes in or near the eyes, as this is dangerous.
· Do not use for other purposes.
· If the adhesive gets into your eyes, immediately wash your eyes thoroughly with running water and seek medical attention.
· Do not store in places with high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight.
· False eyelashes are delicate. When peeling off the intermediate holder (tray), use tweezers (tweezers, etc.) to peel it off gently and carefully.


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