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[Demon Slayer Limited Addition]BCL Saborino 60s Moisturizing Good Night Facial Mask-Chamomile Orange

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Saborino 一个面膜晚上60秒!
■ 香味:洋甘菊橙香味

Busy lifesaver! A 5-in-1 mask for tired skin born from the voice of “I want it!”.
Saborino A mask for 60 seconds at night!
Skin care is like dinner. Cleans and moisturizes dead skin cells that tend to get dirty.
■ Fragrance: Chamomile orange scent

40 in stock

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■ 洗完澡拿出来敷上,夜间护肤就完成了!
■ 护肤很麻烦,疲惫的一夜!
■ 水分浓缩渗透*呵护
■ 原产国:日本
■ 香味:洋甘菊橙香味

■ After bathing, take it out and apply it, and the nighttime skin care is complete!
Moisturizing ingredients firm! You can also care for dead skin cells and tighten the pores that opened up during the shower!
The ultimate all-in-one mask that can be used straight from the pack!
■ Skin care is very troublesome, a tired night!
A sheet mask of lotion + lotion + beauty serum + cream + mask in 60 seconds.
Moisturize and refresh your skin with a refreshing feeling!
■ Moisture concentration penetration * care
Dead Skin Cells Chamomile Flower Extract/Lavender Flower Extract/Orange Oil/Sixteen Nights Rose Extract/Wild Thyme Extract/Water-Soluble Collagen/Sodium Hyaluronate/Honey/Lipidure®︎*1/Mint Extract// Vitamin C Derivatives/Vitamin E/
Peppermint Leaf Extract (Firming) / Hyaluronic Acid (Cleaning)
■A country of origin: Japan
■ Fragrance: Chamomile orange scent


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