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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml

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● 兼具“超强清洁力”、“平滑清洁”和“滋润”的卸妆液。
● 去除毛孔中的彩妆和污垢。
● 不仅是浓妆,顽固的毛孔污垢、老角质、多余皮脂、角质栓也能轻松去除。 冲洗时没有黏糊糊的感觉或油膜感,而且是光滑的表面。 此外,我们通过混合最好的橄榄油初榨油等调理成分来追求对皮肤的温和。 以独特的配方去除彩妆和污垢,但不会带走皮肤所需的成分,从而使皮肤变得滋润和透明。

【Product description】
● A makeup remover that combines “super cleansing power”, “smooth cleansing” and “moisturizing”.
● Removes makeup and dirt from pores.
● Not only heavy makeup, but also stubborn pore dirt, old keratin, excess sebum, and keratin plugs can be easily removed. There is no sticky or oily feel when rinsing off, and it’s a smooth finish. In addition, we pursue gentleness on the skin by blending conditioning ingredients such as the best olive oil virgin oils. The unique formula removes make-up and dirt without stripping the skin of the ingredients it needs, leaving skin moisturized and clear.


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