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DHC Double Hyaluronic Moisture Lotion(Moist)

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● 多种保湿的两种透明质酸

水、甘油、乙醇、BG、透明质底聚、透明质酸、珍珠粉、光泽、变色、梨梨酯醇特性 8、苯氧醇、氯化物性质 8、苯氧醇、硝基00十氟化物。

【Product Details】
● Two kinds of hyaluronic acid for various moisturizing
・Infiltrate “low molecular hyaluronic acid” by reducing the concentration, the absorption ability of the skin! Rich in moisture.
・Moisturizing “high molecular weight hyaluronic acid”
Due to its high molecular weight, it forms a moisturizing barrier on the skin’s surface. It traps moisture inside tightly without letting it spill out.
●A rich and rich event like a beauty serum, from the moment it is applied to the skin, it can lead to a firm future.

Water, Glycerin, Ethanol, BG, Hyaluronic Primer, Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl Powder, Gloss, Discoloration, Pyriditol Properties 8, Phenoxy Alcohol, Chloride Properties 8, Phenoxy Alcohol, Nitro 00 Decafluoride .


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