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DHC Medicated Lip Cream Balm

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DHC橄榄润唇膏 滋润减淡唇纹1.5g 日本cosme大赏殿堂级唇膏,平价中的战斗机!长相平凡却能迅速渗透唇部,天然滋润植物成分,敏感肌肤也适用!从宝宝到大人,全家都能放心使用。它含有的抗氧化剂维他命E成分,滋润唇部肌肤长达24小时,妥妥搞定脱皮、干裂问题。

DHC olive lip balm moisturizing and lightening lip lines 1.5g Japan’s cosme awards palace-level lipstick, a fighter at an affordable price! It looks ordinary but can quickly penetrate the lips, natural moisturizing plant ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin! From babies to adults, the whole family can use it with confidence. It contains antioxidant vitamin E, which moisturizes the lip skin for up to 24 hours, and properly solves the problem of peeling and chapped.

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【Product description】

It is enriched with olive oil, whose composition is similar to the sebum film that protects the skin. Due to the excellent penetration of olive oil, it has a soft and natural skin contact, and can form a gauze-like protective layer on the lips to gently protect your lips. In addition, the ingredients are matched with natural plant extracts such as aloe flowers. , can prevent chapped lips, make lips more supple and bright.

* Ability to give lips the nourishment and moisturizing they need

* Gives a soft and healthy glow

*Suitable for adults, children, age and gender.


When the lips feel dry, apply lightly to the lips anytime, anywhere, and it can have an excellent protective and moisturizing effect on the lips.

“DHC Medicinal Lip Balm 1.5g” is a lip balm that is used for a long time, and it is a lip balm that is especially popular among DHC cosmetics, including the moisturizing and protective ingredient olive oil, and a variety of skin care ingredients such as plant extracts and vitamin E. It has a smooth texture that evenly coats the skin surface and protects lips while caring for lips that are prone to dryness due to dryness. Full of hydration and stays on for a long time. Fragrance free.

Do not apply force on your lips, apply a little thinner. One application is enough for moisturizing effect.


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