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DHC Olive Virgin Oil Anti-oxidant Moisturize Essential Cream

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搭配”Flow de Asete(初榨油的精华(花)”。
★在肌肤上涂抹油,保持滋润。 使肌肤纹理饱满,增加光泽度和柔软度。
★添加从西班牙产有机栽培橄榄果中只能得到的”Fll de Asasete(初榨油的精华)”和角鲨烷、米糠油。 防止干燥和粗糙,保持肌肤水润。

★无香料、无上色、不含防腐剂 搭配天然成分

【Product description】

Paired with “Flow de Asete (Essence of Virgin Oil (Flower)”.
★Moisturizing and protecting ingredients
★Texture · Luster · Firming
★ Soluble in refreshing, plump and elastic.
★Close to the skin, gentle care
★Apply oil on the skin to keep it moisturised. Plumps skin texture, adds radiance and suppleness.
★With luxurious precious oils
★Add “Fll de Asasete (the essence of virgin oil)”, squalane and rice bran oil, which can only be obtained from organically cultivated olive fruits in Spain. Prevents dryness and roughness and keeps skin hydrated.

★No fragrance, no coloring, no preservatives, with natural ingredients


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