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ENVIE 1day 10Pcs(CLASSIC UMBER)-4.00

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The invisible color changes the appearance of the pupil when the iris is on the eye

8 in stock

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● The invisible color changes the appearance of the pupil when the iris is on the eye

Ingredient/Quantity/Ingredient/Ingredient[, Amount] [Use Lens 2-HEMA, MA, EGDMA and [Segment]/Ingredient Method] Ingredient/Ingredient/[Pre-Ingredient Method] – You replace a new ingredient hub container [no [Open] – Shake Shake, whether the lens is added in the auxiliary solution. · If there is, open contact to purchase. ] 1. When the cut hand is tagged. Don’t be careful. 1. The lens is scooped with the tip of your finger to pay attention, or at this time 1, 3. Put your finger on the eye, wear the middle eye of one hand on the lower eyelid of the eye, and the lower eyelid of the eye of the other hand. Eyes 4. Clear 5. Place hidden black eyes on the index finger. 6. Whether the fingers fit to cover the eyes, no. 7 【Above the eyes】 1. Move the eye, move the lens to the eye, and move the lens to the eye while looking at it in the mirror. At this point, it will be used to cover the eyes again, and then cover the place and position.

Precautions for use If you feel any abnormality in your eyes, please consult.


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