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FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil

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FANCL – MCO 纳米卸妆液120ml (专柜版)[平行进口] 「MCO 纳米卸妆液」利用「纳米速净技术」,不含防腐剂与矿物油,卸妆同时保护你的肌肤!保质期(根据生产商资料) : 开封后6个月内/ 未开封3年内

FANCL – MCO Nano Makeup Remover 120ml (Counter Version)[Parallel Import] “MCO Nano Makeup Remover” uses “Nano Speedy Cleansing Technology”, does not contain preservatives and mineral oil, removes makeup while protecting your skin! Shelf life (according to manufacturer’s information): within 6 months after opening / within 3 years if unopened

Out of stock

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(120 mL: 约 60 次) (60 mL: 约 30 次) (1 包: 1 次) (Refill 115 mL: 约 57 次)
[ Refill 的使用方法]
*请务必使用“温和卸妆油” “请重新装满一个容器。
* 请直接使用主容器,无需清洗。
* 出于卫生原因,加注两次后,请更换新容器。

【Order of use】
Gentle Cleansing Oil ⇒ Facial Cleanser ⇒ Lotion ⇒ Essence ⇒ Mask ⇒ Lotion/Cream
☆ Even with wet hands!
【Estimated usage amount】
2 push (1500 yen ball) (1 pack)
[quantity usage]
(120 mL: about 60 times) (60 mL: about 30 times) (1 pack: 1 time) (Refill 115 mL: about 57 times)
[How to use Refill]
*Be sure to use “Mild Cleansing Oil” “Please refill a container.
* Please use the main container directly without cleaning.
* For hygienic reasons, replace the container with a new one after filling it twice.


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