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FANCL Sunguard Protect UV Suncream SPF50+ PA++++ 60ml

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  • 水润的乳霜状,不会假白,也可以彻底保护和身体。
  • 有效阻隔阳光直射、智能手机、电脑带来的辐射、化学干燥、花粉等外部刺激。采用独特的防斑配方,不使用任何药物吸收剂。
  • SPF50+PA++++
  • 请根据使用比例调节量。请摇晃后再使用。
  • 洁面膏⇒卸妆油后,用洗面乳清洗1次。身体用⇒掩掩等清洗,洗掉一次。
  • Moisturizing creamy, not false white, can also completely protect and body.
  • Effectively block external stimuli such as direct sunlight, radiation from smartphones and computers, chemical drying, and pollen. With a unique anti-spot formula, no drug absorbers are used.
  • SPF50+PA++++
  • Please adjust the amount according to the usage ratio. Please shake before use.
  • Cleansing cream ⇒ After cleansing oil, wash once with face wash. The body is washed with ⇒ mask, etc., and wash off once.


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