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Freeplus Moist Care Emulsion #2

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2. 滋润型

○ 源自敏感肌肤研究的 Free Plus
○ 低刺激性,保护肌肤水分,打造高品质丝绸肌肤的护肤品,滋润和保持皮肤健康,容易干燥和粗糙的皮肤
○ 湿润型
○ 用湿润的面纱保持角质层光滑的保湿乳液,保持皮肤纹理的美丽调整和保护。
○ 保持干燥的皮肤滋润柔软,触感丰富
○ 保持角质层中的水分,使每个质地都充满水分的健康皮肤
○ 精心挑选的优质低敏材料,对皮肤的负担较小
○ 含有6种日本和中国植物混合提取物<保湿>
* 1 颗枣玉提取物
* 2 烟酰胺
○ 低敏处方
・ 不添加酒精(乙醇)
・ 不添加紫外线吸收剂
・ 补丁测试
・ 刺痛测试 * 3
* 3 检查刺痛和刺痛等刺激的测试。

水、甘油、1,3-丁二醇、二丙二醇、山梨糖醇、角鲨烷、氢化卵磷脂、三异硬脂酸、胆固醇、异硬脂酸钾、卡波姆、烟酰胺、棕榈酸钾、异硬脂酸、黄原胶、棕榈酸、甲基丝氨酸、大创提取物、仙九提取物,金皮提取物,Kanzo 叶提取物,Tounin 提取物,Juzudama 提取物,依地酸,苯氧乙醇

○ 作为参考,一次使用量为泵的 2 次推动。
○ 用乳液调理肌肤后,取于掌心,涂抹全脸。
○ 适应后用手掌镇定整个面部,让水分更有效地渗入角质层。
○ 使用后,用纸巾擦拭泵口,保持清洁。
○ 使用后请盖紧盖子。

【Product features】
2. Moisturizing
One that blends smoothly into the skin, hydrates and softens dry-prone skin.

○ Free Plus based on sensitive skin research
○ Low irritation, protect skin moisture, create high quality silk skin care products, moisturize and keep skin healthy, prone to dry and rough skin
○ Wet type
○ A moisturizing lotion that keeps the cuticle smooth with a moist veil, keeping the skin texture beautifully adjusted and protected.
○ Keeps dry skin moisturised, soft and rich to the touch
○ Maintains moisture in the stratum corneum for healthy skin that is filled with moisture in every texture
○ Carefully selected high-quality hypoallergenic materials, less burden on the skin
○ Contains 6 kinds of Japanese and Chinese plant mixed extracts <Moisturizing>
○Niacin B*2 combination <keratin protection>
* 1 jujube jade extract
* 2 Niacinamide
○ Hypoallergenic prescription
・No added parabens
・Scentless and colorless
・ No added alcohol (ethanol)
・ No UV absorber added
・No mineral oil added
· Moderate acidity
・ Patch testing
・ Tingling test * 3
*3 A test to check for irritation such as tingling and tingling.

Water, Glycerin, 1,3-Butanediol, Dipropylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Squalane, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Triisostearic Acid, Cholesterol, Potassium Isostearate, Carbomer, Niacinamide, Palmitic Acid Potassium, Isostearic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Palmitic Acid, Methylserine, Daiso Extract, Sinjiu Extract, Golden Bark Extract, Kanzo Leaf Extract, Tounin Extract, Juzudama Extract, Edetic Acid, Phenoxyethanol

○ For reference, one use is 2 pushes of the pump.
○ After conditioning the skin with the lotion, take it in the palm of the hand and spread it all over the face.
○ After adaptation, use the palm of your hand to calm the entire face, allowing moisture to penetrate into the stratum corneum more effectively.
○ After use, wipe the pump port with a tissue to keep it clean.
○ Please close the cap tightly after use.


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