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Freeplus Moist Care Lotion for Sensitive Skin #1

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◆The moisturizing and diffusing penetrated into the caries layer can protect the skin well.

◆The type of soft texture that restores luster to the skin and is not sticky.

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 ★  感觉皮肤使皮肤恢复光泽,保湿,不粘腻的类型。
内部容量 130毫升
成分 水,二丙二醇,1,3-丁醇,甘油,双甘油,烟幕,美食,美食,菊糖苷,甲基丝氨,taiso提取物,senkyu提取物,chimpi提取物,kanzo叶提取物,tounin提取物,juzudama提取物,Edetate,苯氧乙醇
如何使用 “如何使用”    

  • 指导,一次使用的量可以使棉花变湿。    
  • 洗完脸后,将其放在棉布布上或手上,包裹于包裹上。    
  • 活动在按摩后通过用手掌使整个灵魂平静下来,从而更有效地渗透到褥疮层。
请注意 <<使用和举办注意事项>>  

    1. 不要在划痕,或湿疹等异常区域上使用。    
    2. 请小心使用它,以确保您的皮肤上没有异常。如果化妆品不适合您的皮肤,请停止使用。   
      1. 使用过程中是否应观察到任何异常情况,例如发红、发痒、发炎、消失(白斑等)和皮肤黑变。     
      2. 当使用的皮肤暴露于直射阳光下时,会出现上述异常。
    3. 注意不要进入您的眼睛,如果它进入您的眼睛,请立即进入。    
    4. 请注意其位置,以预防和事件发生误食。    
    5. 使用后请正确拧紧盖子。    
    6. 请勿放置在温度过高或过低或阳光直射的地方。
厂商名称 东京都墨田区文加2-1-3
0120-518-520 131-8501
商品类别 餐饮类
广告宣传 长井有限公司

~ Skincare that produces silk makeup clothing~

Nutrients are absorbed into the carious layer, beautifully caring and protecting the skin.
★ Feel the skin makes the skin radiant, moisturised, non-sticky type.

Internal capacity 130ml
Ingredients water, dipropylene glycol, 1,3-butanol, glycerin, diglycerol, smokescreen, gourmet, gourmet, inulin, methylserine, taiso extract, senkyu extract, chimpi extract, kanzo leaf extract, tounin Extract, Juzudama Extract, Edetate, Phenoxyethanol

【How to use】

As a guide, the amount used at one time can make the cotton wet.​
After washing your face, place it on a cotton cloth or hands and wrap it around the wrap.​
The activity penetrates the bedsore layer more effectively by calming the whole soul with the palm of your hand after the massage.

【Precautions for use and holding】

Do not use on scratches, or abnormal areas such as eczema.​
Use it with care to make sure there are no abnormalities on your skin. Stop using makeup if it doesn’t suit your skin.​
Whether any abnormality should be observed during use, such as redness, itching, inflammation, disappearance (leukoplakia, etc.) and darkening of the skin.​
The above abnormality occurs when the used skin is exposed to direct sunlight.
If you continue to use nutrition, it may appear, so it is recommended that you consult the skin sample.
Be careful not to get in your eyes, if it gets in your eyes, do it right away.​
Please pay attention to its location to prevent accidental ingestion.​
Please tighten the cap properly after use.​
Do not place in places where the temperature is too high or too low or in direct sunlight.


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