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Freeplus Moist Care Lotion for Sensitive Skin #2

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Hypoallergenic skin care produces superior silky skin, protects skin’s moisture,
The moisture of the moisturizing lotion penetrates the entire stratum corneum, continuing to protect and impart a beautiful texture to the skin.

6 in stock

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Skin care produces quality skin and protects skin moisture with low irritation.
The moisturizing lotion will continue to protect the penetration and texture of the skin in the stratum corneum and give it a beautiful appearance.

【How to use】
●Reuse 1 time be sure to thoroughly wet the cotton cloth

● Gently wipe over the entire face
●Effectively moisturizes and calms to inhibit the entry of the entire face into the stratum corneum in the palm of the hand after leaving

●Do not use on abnormal areas such as scratches, swelling and eczema.
●Before use, please check carefully that there is no abnormality on your skin. Stop using makeup if it doesn’t suit your skin.
(1) Should any abnormality be observed during use, such as redness, swelling, itching, inflammation, discoloration (leukoplakia, etc.), and darkening of the skin.
(2) The above abnormal phenomenon occurs when the skin used is exposed to direct sunlight.
If you continue to use cosmetics as they are, symptoms may worsen, so it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist.
●Be careful not to let it get in your eyes, if it gets in your eyes, please rinse immediately.
●Please pay attention to its position to prevent accidental swallowing by children and people with dementia.
●Please close the cap properly after use.
●Do not place in a place where the temperature is too high or too low or in direct sunlight.


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