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Freeplus Moist Repair Emulsion 1 (Sappari) 100ml

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Free Plus 源于对敏感肌肤的研究

烟酰胺*、甘草酸二钾*、水、浓缩甘油、DPG、角鲨烷、POE氢化蓖麻油、澳洲坚果油、POE(20)棕榈油脂肪酸脱水山梨糖醇、苯氧乙醇、羧乙烯基聚合物、氢氧化钾、胡椒提取物、BG、黄原胶、依地酸、kanzo 叶提取物、仙草提取物、大创提取物、黑猩猩提取物、tounin 提取物、yokunin 提取物、N-甲基-L-丝氨酸、透明质酸钠-2 * 是“有效成分”。

● 一次使用 2 个泵。
● 用乳液调理肌肤后,取于掌心,涂抹全脸。
● 适应后,用手掌镇定整个面部,使水分更有效地渗入角质层。

【Product description】
Free Plus is derived from research on sensitive skin
A medicated moisturizing lotion that imparts firmness and elasticity to the skin and creates a smooth veil that locks in moisture.

Niacinamide*, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate*, Water, Glycerin Concentrate, DPG, Squalane, POE Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Macadamia Oil, POE (20) Palm Oil Fatty Acid Sorbitan, Phenoxyethanol, Carboxyvinyl Polymer extract, potassium hydroxide, pepper extract, BG, xanthan gum, edetate, kanzo leaf extract, celery extract, daiso extract, chimpanzee extract, tounin extract, yokunin extract, N-methyl Base-L-serine, sodium hyaluronate-2* are “active ingredients”.

【How to use】
● Use 2 pumps at a time.
● After conditioning the skin with the lotion, take it in the palm of the hand and apply it all over the face.
● After adaptation, use the palm of your hand to soothe the entire face, allowing moisture to penetrate into the stratum corneum more effectively.


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