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Haba Medicinal Whitening Squalane Beauty Oil

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To rejuvenate the beauty of the skin from the inside out, HABA pursues the natural self-healing beauty of the skin.

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融合高纯度 99.9% 角鲨烷和维生素 C
・ 保湿
・ 毛孔护理
美白活性成分:在保持角鲨烷特性的同时添加维生素C衍生物*2。 深入角质层,发​​挥美白作用,在紧致感的同时,保持肌肤清透亮丽。 涂抹乳液后,以“1滴”完成美白,完成护肤。

即使添加了维生素C,角鲨烷对皮肤的好处和温和性仍然保持不变。 不粘稠或沉重。 一种无色透明光滑的化妆油。

* 1 抑制黑色素的产生,防止晒伤引起的斑点和雀斑。
* 2 抗坏血酸四 2-己基癸酸酯 EX。

【Product description】
Squalene whitening*1.
Complete with squalane to cleanse the skin.

Infused with High Purity 99.9% Squalane and Vitamin C
・Softens skin
・ Moisturizing
・ Pore care
Whitening active ingredient: Vitamin C derivative*2 is added while maintaining the properties of squalane. It penetrates deep into the stratum corneum and exerts a whitening effect to keep the skin clear and bright while firming. After applying the lotion, finish whitening with “1 drop” to complete skin care.

Smooth and Lightweight Comfort
Even with the addition of vitamin C, the skin benefits and mildness of squalane remain the same. Not sticky or heavy. A colorless, transparent and smooth cosmetic oil.

* 1 Inhibits the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
*2 Ascorbic acid tetra-2-hexyldecanoate EX.


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