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Haba Fermentation Pearl Barley Uji Green Tea Shrink pores MoisturizeMask

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Out of stock

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– 约10-15 分钟,取下面膜,涂抹面膜精华。


· 在使用之前必须检查你的皮肤有没有异常。
· 在下列情况下,停止使用。
· 精华进入眼睛时,请立即冲洗。

【Product Details】

Moisturizing fermented barley

※1 Kyoto Sangyo Uji Plant Extract

*2 It will cause the Turusube skin to become firmer and sensitized.

barley seeds, 2 tea leaves

【How to use】
Use on skin after cleansing.
First, follow the make-up with the eyes placed, and put the hands against the face to prevent air from entering.
– About 10-15 minutes, remove the mask and apply the mask essence.

Peanut Water, BG, Glycerin, Neurosis, Xylitol, Betaine, Squalane, Acidic Products, Antihyperphosphate 3NA, Amaranth, Cetacean 2, Tea Leaf, Licorice 2K, PCA Peppermint Properties, Methyl Methylsilanol Polypoly-10 Hemoglobin Polymerization, Polypoly-10, DPG-20, DPG, DPG, DPG-11 Brown Sugar Leaf, Sodium Copper Chlorate, PPG-4 Tert-Butanol.

· Check your skin for abnormalities before use.
· Discontinue use in the following cases.
(1) During use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, abnormalities such as color loss (such as white spots) and darkening appear.
(2) If you are exposed to direct sunlight and find abnormality, such as the above description seems to your skin.
· When the essence gets into the eyes, rinse immediately.


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