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HABA Squa Q10 Beauty Oil 30ml

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含有三种成分:辅酶Q10(*保湿成分)、角鲨烷(*保湿成分)和维生素E(*产品抗氧化剂)。 它保护皮肤免受紫外线和外界空气的刺激,同时赋予其紧致和光泽,并保持其活力和美丽。 维生素 E 也包含在 HABA 独有的平衡中。


1. 在润肤露未干之前,取一到几滴Squa Q10,轻轻涂抹于双手手掌。 * 对于初次使用者,建议使用 1 或 2 滴。

2. 用整个手掌与脸部完美融合。

【Product description】

Contains three ingredients: Coenzyme Q10 (*moisturizing ingredient), Squalane (*moisturizing ingredient) and Vitamin E (*product antioxidant). It protects the skin from UV rays and outside air, while giving it firmness and radiance, and maintaining its vitality and beauty. Vitamin E is also included in HABA’s unique balance.


1. Before the body lotion is dry, take one to a few drops of Squa Q10 and gently apply to the palms of both hands. *For first-time users, 1 or 2 drops are recommended.

2. Use the entire palm to blend perfectly with the face.


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