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HABA VC500 Yogurt Lactic Acid Bacteria Mask 5pc

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● 清洁并清洁,聚合反应。
* 2 抗坏血酸痛

· 静置 10-15 分钟后,取下面膜,让残留的美容精华用皮肤涂抹。
· 之后,请像往常一样照顾它。


水、BG、汽油酸、糖、抗坏血酸酸痛、甜菜碱酸酸、甜菜碱酸、酸酸神经-10、角鲨片、粪肠感水、柴油、荔枝、牛奶甘草酸2K酸奶溶液、甘油、聚甘油肉豆蔻碱、三硝二甲基己酸、6、叔丁醇、氢氧化钾、4Na ethronate、丁钠、甘油、黄原胶。


(1) 使用过程中出现红、肿、痒、刺激、脱色(白斑等)、皮肤变黑等异常时。

(2) 使用的皮肤受到阳光直射而出现上述异常时。
 ·  如果进入眼睛,请立即冲洗。

【Product Details】
●Each tablet contains 1 billion yogurt lactic acid bacteria (*1), 500 electrochemical lactic acid bacteria (*1) and 500 lactic acid bacteria VC (product battery resists at the same time) (*2).
● Clean and clean, polymerization.
*1 skin care ingredients / fecal intestinal pain
* 2 ascorbic acid

・Please use it on the skin after the face.
• Be careful not to stop the discharge of fluid when removing the mask.
First, put the eyes together with the skin, then rub the forehead, cheeks and rough skin with your hands, keeping them close at hand, all the way into the air.
· After standing for 10-15 minutes, remove the mask and allow the remaining beauty essence to apply to the skin.
· After that, take care of it as usual.


Water, BG, gasoline acid, sugar, ascorbic acid sore, betaine acid acid, betaine acid, acid acid nerve-10, squalane tablets, fecal intestinal water, diesel oil, lychee, milk glycyrrhizic acid 2K yogurt solution, glycerin, poly Glycerin myristine, trinitrodimethylhexanoic acid, 6, tert-butanol, potassium hydroxide, 4Na ethronate, butyl sodium, glycerin, xanthan gum.


Please do not use outdated masks again.
・Please check the clothing carefully for any abnormality before use.
・If there is an abnormality with your skin, that is, in the following cases, please discontinue use.
(1) When abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, discoloration (white spots, etc.), and darkening of the skin occur during use.

(2) When the above-mentioned abnormality occurs when the skin used is exposed to direct sunlight.
・When the situation is inappropriate, excessive or abnormal. Abnormal areas such as rashes.
· If it gets into eyes, rinse immediately.


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