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Haba White Lady Whitening Brightener Serum

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6 in stock

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【Product desciption】

Stop using it if it doesn’t fit your skin. Please keep it out of the reach of infants.

The fusion of high-concentration vitamin C and bamboo leaf minerals realizes a mild feeling of use, medicinal whitening beauty serum.


The vitamin C derivative (*) 6% can inhibit the production of melanin and effectively prevent pigmentation and freckles caused by sun exposure. It is balanced with moisturizing minerals obtained from black bamboo leaves to achieve a gentle touch and moisturizing power. It can also deal with problems caused by drying. ※Sodium L-bilirubin phosphate, sodium L-bilirubin phosphate, glycyrrhizin. Sodium L-ascobic acid phosphate/glycyrrhizinate/purified water/quimia water/glycerin/1,2-pentanediol/2-methacrylate-butyl methacrylate copolymer liquid/clear Sodium Mate (1) / Citric Acid


After washing your face, use before toner. Press 2~3 times on the palm of your hand, and use it on the problematic area or on the entire face.


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