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HABA Whitening Squalane Oil 30ml

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15 in stock

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* 1抑制黑色素的产生,防止晒血伤引起的2斑和斑斑。

* 2-己基癸蛋白抗坏酸EX


【Product Details】
Active ingredient: Vitamin C*2, while retaining the characteristics of dogfish
●By fusing “squalane” and “vitamin C” that penetrate into the corneal layer, the whitening active ingredient penetrates into the stratum corneum.
●After applying the lotion, finish whitening with ‘1 drop’ to finish skin care.
●Leads skin whitening with unprecedented penetration.
*1 Inhibits the production of melanin and prevents 2 spots and blemishes caused by sunburn.

* 2-hexyldecanoic acid EX

Tetra-2-hexyldecane molecule ascorbic acid EX, squalane, natural India E


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