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Hadabisei Makeup Damage Care Ance Care Facial Mask

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呵护皮肤 预防皮肤损伤!

● 呵护长期化妆的皮肤的面膜。

● 粉刺,收紧质地和菌类,使细菌化。

● 甘草成分水杨酸触成分草酸2K致紧成分萃取


● 弹性柔软感柔软的面膜纸

【Product description】

Take care of your skin and prevent skin damage!
● A mask that takes care of skin that has been wearing makeup for a long time.

● acne, tighten texture and fungus, make bacteria.

● licorice ingredient salicylic acid touch ingredient oxalic acid 2K firming ingredient extract.

● Fresh water texture.

● Elastic and soft-feeling mask paper.


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