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HADABISEI Medicated Whitening & Acne Care Lotion

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● 过程中出现红肿、肿痛、刺激、脱色(白等、皮肤变黑等异常情况时,并使用咨询皮肤外科医生。

● 尽量不要放在光线充足的地方,或者以后请注意的地方。

配料L-抗坏血酸血酸2K*、酸血草酸2K*、甘醇蛋白(F)、生姜提取物、啤酒花提取物、酒石酸、乌龙茶提取物、柠檬提取物、水、蒸馏甘油、环二梨甲醇、DPG、POE 甲基纤维素、乙醇、POE 蜡树麻油、糖醇聚合物、醇、POE月桂醇(20) 提取山梨醇、聚二甲基胶、聚二缩胶有机硅、交联黄醇溶液、H/3Na溶液、BG、苯甲醇胶、对香醇甲聚合物、EDTA。

【Product description】
Anti-bacterial powder / wet powder, fade uneven acne. Brightens and healthy skin.

・Composite resin component

【Usage matters】
●Please check your clothes carefully for any abnormality. Do not use if it is not suitable for your wear or use or if you are aware of abnormal conditions such as moisture.

● In the event of redness, swelling, pain, irritation, discoloration (white, etc., darkening of the skin, etc.), please consult a dermatologist for use.

● Try not to put it in a well-lit place, or a place that you will pay attention to in the future.

Ingredients L-Ascorbic Acid 2K*, Acid Blood Oxalic Acid 2K*, Glycoprotein (F), Ginger Extract, Hops Extract, Tartaric Acid, Oolong Tea Extract, Lemon Extract, Water, Distilled Glycerin, Cyclic Dilmethanol, DPG, POE methyl cellulose, ethanol, POE wax sesame oil, sugar alcohol polymer, alcohol, POE lauryl alcohol (20) extract sorbitol, polydimethyl gum, polydicondensate silicone, cross-linked flavonol solution , H/3Na solution, BG, benzyl alcohol glue, p-aromatic methyl alcohol polymer, EDTA.


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