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HADAMISEI Medicinal Brightening Facial Serum

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美白* 1同时调整肌肤的基本平衡。明亮透明* 2打造如珍珠般美丽的肌肤。
● “高纯度C(最新成分)”“驼甲环酸(成分)”的W


●含有从日本的皮肤研究中诞生的W’s日本和中国美容成分“Wakan Hana神经酰胺(保湿成分)
“Wakan Hana Balance Serum(皮肤调理成分)”。

* 1 抑制黑色素的产生,防止斑点和雀斑。
* 2促进保湿效果。

【Product description】
●At the same time as moisturizing care, start care from the basic balance of the skin. A turnaround care line focused on “transformation of the skin”.
Whitening*1 simultaneously adjusts the basic balance of the skin. Bright and transparent* 2 for pearl-like beauty.
● W of “High-purity C (the latest ingredient)” and “Camelonic acid (ingredient)”.

Contains W’s Japanese and Chinese beauty ingredient “Wakan Hana ceramide (moisturizing ingredient) born from skin research in Japan)
●”Wakan Hana Balance Serum (skin conditioning ingredient)”.
●No irritation, no pigment
●Stimulus test, sting test, patch test completed
* 1 Inhibits the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.
*2 Promotes moisturizing effect.


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