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Hakugen Cool Shirt Sterilization And Deodorization Mist-Mint

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● 只需喷在衣服上就能感受到清爽的凉爽感!含有凉爽成分(薄荷醇)和薄荷香味的喷雾。
● 上班或上学出门前喷洒,每次出汗都会有清凉舒爽的感觉。
● 除臭和杀菌衣物上的汗味。
● 喷在衣领、背部、侧面等容易出汗的衣物上效果显着。
● 可充分使用的300mL大容量型。
* 凉爽的感觉取决于室外温度和使用环境。
* 感觉凉爽的方式存在个体差异。


・ 取下杠杆底部的挡块。
・ 在距离衣物约 10 厘米处喷洒,直至表面略微湿润。 (指南是在一个地方喷 2 到 3 次。)
・ 按几次空白开始使用。
・ 穿着衣服喷洒时,注意不要直接喷到皮肤上。
・ 喷头朝上使用。请勿倒置喷洒。

・ 由于薄荷醇的影响,深色衣服可能会变白。

・请勿靠近火源使用。 (请在衣服完全干燥后使用火。)





・ 酒精过敏者、皮肤敏感者、婴幼儿请勿使用。

・ 注意不要吸入。

・ 提前清除所有污垢。它可能会导致戒指污渍。

・ 如果它落在地板、桌子或塑料(树脂产品)上,请立即擦掉。它可能会变色。・ 如果进入眼睛,请立即用水冲洗。
・ 如果沾到皮肤上,请用肥皂和水冲洗。
* 无论哪种情况,如果您发现任何异常,请携带本产品并咨询医生。


● Just spray on your clothes to feel the refreshing cooling sensation! Mist with cooling ingredients (menthol) and mint scent.
● Spray before going to work or school, it will feel cool and refreshing every time you sweat.
● Deodorizes and sterilizes sweat from clothing.
● The effect of spraying on clothes that are prone to sweating, such as the collar, back, side, etc., is remarkable.
● 300mL large-capacity type that can be fully used.
* Cool feeling depends on outdoor temperature and usage environment.
* There are individual differences in the way you feel cool.


・ Remove the stopper at the bottom of the lever.
・Spray about 10cm away from clothing until the surface is slightly damp. (Guidelines are 2 to 3 sprays in one spot.)
・ Press blank several times to start using.
・Do not spray too much in one place. It might be too stimulating.
・ When spraying on clothing, be careful not to spray directly on the skin.
・ Use with the nozzle facing up. Do not spray upside down.

【Unusable clothes】
・Leather, fur, artificial leather.
・For water-sensitive fibers such as silk and rayon, fibers that are concerned about discoloration and stains, fibers marked as non-washable, and fibers that have been waterproof, please try them in an inconspicuous place in advance.
・Dark clothes may turn white due to the influence of menthol.

【Precautions for use】
・Do not use near fire sources. (Please use fire after clothes are completely dry.)

・Do not use in large quantities in a room where fire is used.

・Do not use in the car. When using in a small space, please use it in a well-ventilated condition.

・Do not use directly on the skin.

・Do not use on skin abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, acne, eczema, or rash, on areas immediately after hair removal, or on areas in contact with mucous membranes.

・ Do not use for those with alcohol allergies, sensitive skin, and infants.

・ Be careful not to inhale.

・ Remove all dirt in advance. It can cause ring stains.

・ If it falls on the floor, table or plastic (resin product), wipe it off immediately. It may change color.・ If it gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water.
・ If on skin, rinse with soap and water.
・If this stuff gets into your mouth, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
* In either case, if you notice any abnormality, please bring this product and consult your doctor.


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