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Hakugen Cool Shirt Sterilization And Deodorization Mist-Soap

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● 喷在衣服上,空气凉爽。含有清凉成分(薄荷醇)的健康味上。

● 开车或出门前喷洒,每次出汗都有清凉舒爽的感觉。

● 洒在衣领、背部和身体等容易出汗的能上是有效的。

● 可充分使用的300mL大容量型。 *凉爽的感觉喷室外室外* 感觉温度和环境。 * 感觉凉爽的方式存在个体差异。

【用途】 服装冷喷






・喷头使用。不要倒置喷洒。 *如果你慢慢喷,它就不会变成雾。







・ 皮肤敏感者、婴幼儿不要使用。








【Product description】

It has a cool feeling when sprayed on top. Warm taste with a cooling ingredient (mint).

It is a large-capacity type that can be used to deodorize and disinfect sweat on clothes by spraying it on clothes. Contains a cooling ingredient (menthol).

● Spray on clothes, cool air. Contains a cooling ingredient (menthol) on a healthy taste.

● Spray before driving or going out, every time you sweat, you will feel cool and comfortable.

● It is effective to sprinkle on sweat-prone areas such as the collar, back and body.

● 300mL large-capacity type that can be fully used. *Cool Feeling Spray Outdoor Outdoors* Feel the temperature and the environment. * There are individual differences in the way you feel cool.

【Use】 Clothing cold spray

【Unavailable clothing】

There are protective leather, fur, artificial leather, Japanese clothing, silk, rayon, and other water-sensitive fibers that may turn white due to the effects of menthol.


・It is effective to spray on clothes that are prone to sweating, such as the neckline, back and sides.

・Do not spray in one place. It may radiate upwards.

・Use the nozzle. Do not spray upside down. *If you spray slowly, it won’t turn into mist.

【Precautions for use】

・Do not use near fire sources. (Please use fire after clothes are completely dry)

・Do not use a lot in a fire room.

・Do not use in the car. When using in a small space, please use it under seepage.

・Do not use directly on the skin.

・Do not use on skin abnormalities such as skin changes, conditions, acne, moisture or rashes, skin just after hair removal, or substances that come into contact with surfaces.

・ Do not use for those with sensitive skin, infants and young children.

・Be careful not to carry it with you.

・It may cause color stains.

・If it is on a table or plastic resin product for a long time, wipe it off immediately

-This product is suitable for clothing. Please do not use it for any purpose.

・If it gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water.

・If this thing is in your mouth, please wash your mouth.

*Enter the cleaning situation, if you find any abnormality, please bring this product and consult your doctor.


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