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Hakugen Guard Refreshing Mask

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The soft and comfortable ear rope relieves the burden on the ear, and the mouth is comfortable and smooth. Even if it touches the skin and lips, it will not cause discomfort and friction.

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● 柔软宽大的挂耳式口罩,不伤耳朵,宽而柔软的耳带可减轻耳朵的压力。
● 舒适滑的材质
● 0.1 μm 微粒、花粉、病毒飞沫 99% 去除率(过滤性能)
● 褶皱加工打造立体空间
● 侧面接触加工
● 30 件超值

● 0.1 μm 细小颗粒:99% 切割……………… PFE 测试(0.1 μm)
● 病毒飞沫:99% 切割………… VFE 测试(平均约 3.0 μm)
● 花粉:99% 切割……………… 花粉收集效率测试(约 30 μm)

* 口罩并不能完全防止感染(入侵)。

● 寒冷、花粉、灰尘等。

● 本体/过滤器:聚丙烯、聚乙烯
● 耳带:尼龙、聚氨酯

● The soft and wide ear-mounted mask does not hurt the ears, and the wide and soft ear straps can reduce the pressure on the ears.
● Comfortable and slippery material
It is comfortable to use without any roughness even when it touches the skin or lips.
● 99% removal rate of 0.1 μm particles, pollen, virus droplets (filtration performance)
The special electrostatic filter can filter not only pollen and virus droplets, but also fine particles as small as 0.1μm.
● Fold processing to create three-dimensional space
Create a space around the mouth to eliminate choking.
● Side contact processing
Close-fitting treatment on both sides and nose applicator for a secure fit from nose to cheek/chin line.
Prevent the invasion of pollen and virus droplets.
● 30 pieces of great value

【Filter collection performance】
● 0.1 μm fine particles: 99% cut……………… PFE test (0.1 μm)
● Droplets of virus: 99% cut………… VFE test (average about 3.0 μm)
● Pollen: 99% cut……………… Pollen collection efficiency test (about 30 μm)

* Masks do not completely prevent infection (invasion).

● Cold, pollen, dust, etc.

● Body/filter: Polypropylene, polyethylene
● Earband: Nylon, Polyurethane


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