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&honey Deep Moisture Hair Oil 3.0-100ml

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◎独特的配比“50%新营养蜂蜜美容护理” 30%麦卢卡蜂蜜蜂蜜30% 20%生蜂蜜*1

◎大马士革玫瑰花香香薰 ※配合产品中的蜂蜜的比例。 *66犬精神不进行热处理的蜂蜜(保湿)*2 大马士革玫瑰花精华(保湿)


干燥后,取适量于备用, 涂抹到发梢为中心,然后用摄影机吹干。


<聚>环戊醇、二甲基、聚异丁烯、橡胶油、蜂蜜、蜂蜜提取物、蜂蜜蛋白、大马士革蔷薇花提取物、摩洛哥坚果油、泛醇、酒精醇/蜂蜜发酵液、胆汁、蜂王浆提取物、蜂胶提取物、椰子油知识、神经纤维三甲基神经酰胺、神经NG、神经痣 天绿色、轻巧、三角形、E、钛-18、钛33、双核桃、胆固醇、BG、PG、苯氧乙醇、香料、香料。

【Product Features】

Hair with 14% water organic beauty eye moisture and honey “hair moisture content” and “energy balance”, more than 90% of the final product is composed of moisturizing and protective ingredients.

◎ Guarantee 100% Moroccan essential oils

◎More than 90% moisturizing & protecting ingredients

◎Unique ratio ※”50% New Nutrition Honey Beauty Treatment” 30% Manuka Honey 30% 20% Raw Honey*1

◎Damascus rose aromatherapy ※The proportion of honey in the product is matched. *66 Canine Spirit Untreated Honey (Moisturizing) *2 Damascus Rose Extract (Moisturizing)


After drying, take an appropriate amount for spare, apply to the center of the hair tip, and then blow dry with the camera.


<poly>cyclopentanol, dimethyl, polyisobutylene, rubber oil, honey, honey extract, honey protein, damask rose flower extract, argan oil, panthenol, alcohol alcohol/honey fermentation broth, bile, royal jelly extract Extract, Propolis Extract, Coconut Oil Knowledge, Nerve Trimethyl Ceramide, Nerve NG, Nerve Mole Sky Green, Lightweight, Triangle, E, Titanium-18, Titanium 33, Double Walnut, Cholesterol, BG, PG, Phenoxy Ethanol, Fragrance, Fragrance.


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