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Humidifier degerming aromatic-Fruit scent

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● 强力清除加湿器中的细菌。只需将水和本产品放入加湿器罐中即可去除细菌。
● 防止加湿器水箱中出现粘糊糊和难闻的气味,并防止细菌滋生。
● 香气弥漫整个房间的高品质香味。
* 并非所有细菌和粘液都被去除。
● 可用加湿器:将自来水倒入可拆卸水箱的加湿器。
● 无法使用的加湿器:将自来水直接注入主体的加湿器,壶式蒸汽加湿器。
* 如果加湿器内部脏污或本产品使用量大,可能会产生异味。请遵照剂量并妥善保管。

● 请勿用于任何其他目的。 * 不能用于香薰机
● 不要喝酒,因为它不是饮料。
● 放在儿童接触不到的地方。
● 由于不是化妆品,请勿涂抹在皮肤上。
● 如果液体沾到您的手或衣服上,请立即清洗。
● 请勿存放在阳光直射、高温潮湿的地方或靠近火源的地方。
● 如果液体溅到桌子或地板上,请立即擦掉。
● 按用法用量服用。
● 如果不慎入眼,请用流水彻底冲洗。
● 如果吞食,请立即呕吐。
● 如果您在使用过程中感到不适,请停止使用过多。
● 如果仍有任何异常,请携带本产品并咨询医生。


【Product description】
● Powerful removal of bacteria in the humidifier. Simply put water and this product in a humidifier tank to get rid of bacteria.
● Prevents sticky and unpleasant odors in the humidifier tank and prevents the growth of bacteria.
● A high-quality scent that fills the entire room.
* Not all bacteria and mucus are removed.
● Available humidifier: A humidifier that pours tap water into a removable tank.
● Unusable humidifier: A humidifier that injects tap water directly into the main body, a kettle-type steam humidifier.
* If the inside of the humidifier is dirty or the product is used a lot, an unpleasant odor may occur. Follow the dosage and keep it safe.

● Do not use for any other purpose. *Cannot be used in aroma diffuser
● Do not drink alcohol because it is not a drink.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Since it is not a cosmetic product, please do not apply it on the skin.
● If liquid gets on your hands or clothes, wash it immediately.
● Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity or near fire.
● If liquid spills on the table or floor, wipe it up immediately.
● Take according to usage and dosage.
● In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water.
● If swallowed, vomit immediately.
● If you feel discomfort during use, please stop using too much.
● If there is still any abnormality, please bring this product and consult a doctor.

Fragrances, surfactants, preservatives, disinfectants, water.


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