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Ipsa Luminizing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing

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伊普萨:伊普萨诞生于1987年,是一个能够发掘每个人潜在美的品牌伊普萨相信“美丽的力量在于人本身”,并旨在将这种活力的力量带Ipsa 没有采集采集与美容方法。将我们与您一起,为您打造美丽人生的配方,根据每个人独特的皮肤特征和个性化定制。

【Product description】
A massaging facial serum in mineral form to exfoliate the cuticles and beautify the back of the pores.
For dry skin wanting to remove stains, adjust to skin condition.

【Brand description】
Ipsa: Born in 1987, Ipsa is a brand that can discover the potential beauty of each person. Ipsa believes that “the power of beauty lies in the person itself”, and aims to bring this dynamic power to Ipsa No Collection Collection and Beauty method. Join us as you create the formula for a beautiful life, tailored to each individual’s unique skin characteristics and personalization.


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