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Ishizawa Lab Keana Pore Care Baking Soda Nose Cream Mask

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* 1:碳氢钠(碳颗粒)
* 2:碳碳颗粒(碳颗粒)

水、鲸蜡醇、椰子油油脂PEG-7 甘油、火山土、肉蔻豆蔻、碳酸氢钠、乳木果油、蜂王浆蛋白、乳酸、醇钠、PEG- 60 醇酸麻酸、setes-30、山嵛醇,己酸二异丁酯,肉豆蔻酸,对年丙甲酸酸酸,对年丙甲丙酸性质。

我们建议每周至少使用 2 天。

Easy to clean, just apply and wipe after 5 minutes to melt keratin plugs and dirt and clean pores.
*1: Sodium Hydrocarbon (Carbon Particles)
*2: Carbon Carbon Particles (Carbon Particles)

【All ingredients】
Water, cetyl alcohol, coconut oil PEG-7 glycerin, volcanic soil, nutmeg, sodium bicarbonate, shea butter, royal jelly protein, lactic acid, sodium alkoxide, PEG-60 alkyd oleic acid, setes-30, Behenyl alcohol, diisobutyl caproate, myristic acid, p-propionic acid, p-propionic acid properties.

After washing your face and waiting for the skin to dry, take an appropriate amount on your fingers and apply a thick cream on your nose.
Leave on for about five minutes, wipe off with a cotton pad, etc., then proceed with your usual skin care.
We recommend using at least 2 days a week.


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