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Ishizawa Lab White Pack

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【Product details】

●Simply apply for 5 minutes, and then quickly whiten!

●A simple mask that can be rinsed off after 5 minutes of application

●With the medicinal ingredient “tranexamic acid”, it inhibits the production of melanin and prevents pigmentation and freckles! With soymilk fermented liquid, plant placenta, and collagen, you can rinse off after application to create plump skin♪

●With spatula

●No coloring, no fragrance


・After washing your face, avoid the eye area, gently remove dry skin or moisture, and stretch well. After standing for about 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly to avoid residue.

・It is recommended to use 2~3 times a week.


[Active ingredients] Tranexamic acid, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K

【Other Ingredients】Soymilk Fermented Liquid, Soybean Extract, Turmeric Extract, Chlorella Extract, Eugenosta Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder, Hyaluronic Acid Na-2, Cow Horn Extract, Aloe Vera Extract-2, Perilla Extract- 1. Natto extract, purified water, concentrated glycerin, sorbic acid solution, BG, Ti oxide, carboxyvinyl polymer, silicic acid AL・Mg, PVP, hydroxide K, hydroxide AL, POE triene ether acetate Na, Ethanol, absolute ethanol, phenoxyethanol, methyltoluene


・Please be careful if there is any abnormality in the skin.

・Discontinue use if it does not fit your skin.

・When using, please open the lid and take out the spatula.

・Please wipe off the spatula after use, and store it on the bottom plate after cleaning.

・Please note that the white bottom plate will easily come off if you use too much force.


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