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Kao MegRhythm Hot Eye Mask Lavender 12pc

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The steam eye mask developed according to Japanese Kao technology* can release fine and moist steam at about 40°C*, and the warm feeling lasts for about 20 minutes*, allowing tired eyes to enjoy a steam bath and relax your mind from the inside out!

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让人心情放松的眼罩。 如同洗澡般的舒适感。 适宜温度约40℃,舒适时间约20分钟。 从一天的紧张感中释放出来,从内到外慢慢放松。 只需开封即可加热,使用方便,外出携带也很方便。 无论什么姿势都能方便使用的耳挂。 大量混合了柚子等柑橘系的天然精油(香料)。 在刚出生的日子里,令人心情愉悦的甘酸香味。

product description

A relaxing eye mask. Comfort like a bath. The suitable temperature is about 40 ℃, and the comfortable time is about 20 minutes. Release from the tension of the day and slowly relax from the inside out. It can be heated just by opening the package, which is convenient to use and easy to carry when going out. Ear hooks that are easy to use in any position. A large amount of citrus-based natural essential oils (fragrance) such as yuzu is mixed. In the days of birth, a pleasant sweet and sour fragrance.


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