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Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals Scar Reduction Gel (Extra)

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(3)GK2 *镇静伤口后留下的炎症*酸二甘草钾


● 使用事项
■ 你不坚守它,你现在的症状■会注意,更可能出现标志。)
禁止使用人员(1) (血友病、中毒症、紫瞳等)的人

2. 请勿用于以下
2. 如果使用后出现以下迹象,可能会展示广告,请立即使用。

product description
Nudity refers to the possibility of abnormal growth of skin tissue while repairing the skin.
This indicates that the redness is still present. in Africa
With three active ingredients, it can recover after exposure.
(1) Heparin promotes turnover and promotes normal skin regeneration.
(2) Allantoin repairs damaged skin tissue
(3) GK2 *Inflammation left after calming the wound *Potassium dilicorice acid
By continuing to use Skin Turnover Awareness, it will gradually work on the scar.
If the drug deviates from the dosage regimen, it can cause serious health damage. Please be sure to read the product instruction manual carefully before use, and insist on a lot of use. Even if the advice is followed and used correctly, the signs may appear. If you experience any abnormality, stop use immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Sales of pharmaceutical products

● Matters of use
what you don’t do
■ If you don’t stick to it, your current symptoms ■ will notice, more likely signs. )
1. The following
Persons who are prohibited from using persons (1) (hemophilia, poisoning, purple eyes, etc.)
(2) (hemophilia, disease, cyanosis, etc.
2. Do not use for the following
Around and around eyes, eyes, etc. (such as mouth, nose, skin, etc.)
1. The following items should be consulted with a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before use.
(1) A person treated by a doctor
(2) Appearance due to drugs, etc.
(3) People with severe allergic symptoms
2. If the following signs appear after use, advertisements may be displayed, please use it immediately.
Use this document to stop consulting with your doctor, pharmacist or registered dealer


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