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KOWA Three-Dimensional Mask 30pieces

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轻松呼吸 口腔空间

银色抗菌 + 双收集过滤器 99% * 切割 [空气中的细小颗粒 (0.0001 毫米 = 0.1 微米)]

“Viruses, colds, pollen, PM2.5
Breathe easily Oral space

medical concept
Silver Antibacterial + Dual Collection Filter 99% * Cuts [fine particles in the air (0.0001 mm = 0.1 microns)]

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* 日本制造 日本制造使用材料

○ 内置银基抗菌过滤器
○ 鼻子和脸颊的缝隙

○ 贴合感觉 UP!采用新的耳带
,手感柔软,长时间佩戴不痛 ※
※ 我们的常规产品比例
○ 嘴舒适
○ 刺痛难 优质无纺布
起毛困难 长期使用在座椅上也很舒服
○ 眼镜的阴天也能挡
雾 挡膜是呼吸 增加挡

目标:感冒、花粉、灰尘、PM2.5 等
抗菌剂:银线抗菌剂(用于外层无纺布的第二层) ”

pure japan
* Made in Japan Made in Japan using materials

【high performance】
○Dual collection filter 99%*Cut
PFE (filtering efficiency of 0.0001mm fine particles), VFE (filtering efficiency of virus droplets), BFE (filtering efficiency of droplets of cough and squirrel)
* Penetration testing measured value (Nelson Labs)
○ Built-in silver-based antibacterial filter
Inhibits the growth of bacteria on the filter surface (not effective against all bacteria)
○ Nose and cheek gap
and side-fit form block holding nose pliers (registered) is a gap block

[New comfortable structure]
○ Fit feeling UP! With new ear straps
, soft to the touch, no pain to wear for a long time ※
※ Our regular product ratio
○ Mouth comfortable
No suffocation, comfortable difficult to move or even continue talking
○ Difficult to sting High quality non-woven fabric
It is difficult to fluff, and it is also very comfortable to use on the seat for a long time
○ Glasses can also block cloudy days
fog barrier film is breathing increased barrier

New high-stretch earbands
Patch Test: Not everyone will not experience skin irritation
Targets: Colds, pollen, dust, PM2.5, etc.
Antibacterial agent: silver thread antibacterial agent (for the second layer of the outer non-woven fabric)”


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