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[LIMITED SET]FANCL Treatment Cleansing Gel 120ML & 20ML

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[Set Contents]
・Mild Cleansing Oil (120mL/Cleansing Oil/In-kind)
・Mild Cleansing Oil (20mL/Cleansing Oil)

Out of stock

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限时抢购!Renewal 新推出的“温和卸妆油”增加型发售!
难以卸除的彩妆、角蛋白栓和粗糙的质地。快速漂浮并立即关闭的卸妆油。此外,美容液级的“Torosube Oil”每次洗脸时都会使光滑的皮肤上的毛孔不那么明显。无添加剂的护肤清洁剂,持续使用可滋润和均匀质地。

LIMITED TIME BUY! Renewal’s new “Mild Cleansing Oil” is now on sale!
Hard-to-remove makeup, keratin plugs and rough textures. Cleansing oil that floats quickly and shuts off instantly. Also, the serum-grade “Torosube Oil” makes pores less visible on smooth skin every time you wash your face. An additive-free skin cleanser that moisturizes and evens out texture with continued use.


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